Unperfectionism expressed !

Something I received from somebody,cos that somebody thought this describes me best ! I wouldn't say best... probably it describes me partly !! Unperfect(Just as imperfect as the word itself) :P ! Well take a look at it,anyways :)



As usual,I began my day's project lab session checking my inbox...This particular mail got me interested and i began reading about the person it said I was and I would be..So here's the excerpt :
Number 7 (thats me)
You have got the attraction to anyone out there :O , you are realistic,very confident, happy,such a talented individual with your education,music, arts, singing, and most importantly acting :) (yeuuupp!) too. You have real problems with bad temper!:O :? If you are a girl, you are popular with the subjects listed above. You give up things for your parents (oh ! Really...?). I mean you value your family status a lot, you will be in the top rank when you reach a certain age(thats great :) ). If you are a guy you are popular with girls, you are a very talented too. Most of the number 7s face lots of problems with their marriage life :(. Only a very few are happy(I'm on this list). You have everything in your life, but still always number 7s have some sort of unfullfilness, such worries all their lifetime. It's probably the Lord given you all sort of over the standard humans talents (*battling eyelashes*)and you are about to suffer in family life(*hypnotized*). So you need to get ready looking for a partner rather than waiting. If you don't, then you might end-up single(HAhahahahahahahhaha!!!! ). So take care with this issue, ok?(*As if*) You are wonderful, friendly, artistic, happy person.. You are born to contribute lots to this world!!! (Now this is what I wanna hear :D )
Your best match is 2. Good matches are 1,4 !!!
And for Number 2:Your best match is 2 ,5 ,9 no other people can put up with you !!!(Who'd wanna get stuck with some1 like that)

Anyways,Donot be prejudicied by this post- I am positively NOT a horoscope/astrological forecast beleiver !! Its just fun to have a look @ it and better fun having a laugh @ it with ur friends!
You can read the rest of this email text Here

****** Disclaimer*******
I'm not trying to serve as an excuse for other narcissistic readers to then take the quiz and have an opportunity to talk about themselves for a few seconds. Seriously, look at ourselves. We're even more inane than people who think that a horoscope that statisically applies to over 500 million people has something individual and meaningful to say about their day.Look at the pretty picture.

Varanam ayiram - stiring up emotions(a different take) ;)

Varanam Ayiram is one heck of a tamil movie.So far , in my life on earth I 've never seen such a movie(tamil),that infuences thinking and emotional patterns of adults,as well !!! So, thats a movie well-taken!!Accolades to Gautam Menon,the director!!Well,as  I was saying...it has influenced thinking patterns- it has influenced the way people look @ their lives,dads,moms,lovers..e.t.c.., I'm not gonna rant about the movie ,here and right now (I've got a better platform and a better time -valentines day ,so watch out for my feb14 post on Myworld!)

So ..back again to what I was going to say : I know people who have become so desperate to have a bf/gf just like the ones portrayed in the movie ;),so desperate to fall in love(i ,personally know few people who r like this)..A week after the movie,you could hear the movie scripts everywhere-right from being made fun of in smses to using them in convos..e.t.c., All this is okay...Recently someone I called(rather strange)used the famous movie dialogue -"Whatever happens life must go on" !
Well,there I was in madurai ,after finishing the so-called MAT exam(my practice test ,to stay in the exam mood for CAT) seeing the flash news on TV -tamil nadu govt has announced colleges shud be indefintely closed(IDC)! And boy, was I glad ! The joy however was shortlived!the hostel authorities said that my college will not shut down!!
After sometime,not letting my hopes down,I called the security person @ the gate :
Me: Hello..May I......
He:College la leave kidayadhu (No holiday for our college)
Me:But...tv la ...
He:Whatever happens college will go on 
Me:?????!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Ipo than nenachan-"Ena kodumai sir idhu" ivar kooda V1000 dialogue adikuraru,adhuvum college leave ila nu solradhukellam indha dialogue oru korrachalanu..!)
*hung up*
Padu pavi pasanga...Romba kettu poirukanga elarum Varanam ayiram pathu
College security kooda dialogue pesuraruna pathukongalain!!!! Logam romba kettu kidaku !
Btw, kashtapattu college mgt has given us leave,but it isnt IDC !We gotta go back soon :(
SPL thanks to chillibi

Never imagined this day would come

I never imagined this day would come (D'oh ...I 'm repeating it again,I know..But its totally unbelievable). In the history of my history..such a day has never happened..In the 21 years of my intaking the earth's oxygen ....such a record has never been set! So its really a great honour to me and i thought I should definitely put this down in my penseive!..So here goes(nothing,actually :P ) :

I was early to class ... And made few of my pals get ready(by hollering @ them to buck up)and made people around me to come early to college(I don't like to boast..But dontcha think I'm such an Angel!! )

Hurray !! Accomplished something this new year!! :)) :D
Now,thats what I call a good start !!!!

Vada Pochey !!

Got my call letter for interview for the Common Wealth scholarship (for PG in the UK :O) It came by speed post(Some speed!!!!) .. For the interview on dec 8 @ Delhi,it reaches only today.Alright if that isn't a problem ,they are asking for some referral letters from college.Even if that is n't the problem I dunno if I'd get it (owing to stringent Placement cell conditions @ college )
The scholarship (Govt of India,HR dept)is worth loads..Pays you the whole bulk of your fees and stuff..!
Well the odds are all against poor me :(
After a brief thought I threw it away,thinking it just isn't gonna be possible for me to attend this year. Even if i got to college on dec 6 to get the 'impossible referal' ,im not sure the right people would be there on college holiday.. and well if i return successfully dec 7 flights totally booked(shortest path algorithm just isn't satisified) WHATEVER !
As i was tellin this to a friend,I said "vada pochey" to which she said"dont worry god'll give u a bigger vadai" :D

Christmas shopping has officially begun !

Today was great!
Hung out at the mall with a friend.. Went there to just have a look @ Planet 360 (Cool name huh?) ,the new diner there.. turns out it was pretty cool..probably got the name 360 cos there s almost a 360degrees view of the city (yup,Tuty has become a city officially mrgreen ).
I went there with no motive @ all.. (d'oh ..who does neway , u ask me? :P )
Well.. there we were just randomly lallygagging ... The five+ storey building was home to many souvenir shops,corporate gift places,antiques,lifestyle and other brand show rooms,music shops,leather,mobiles and accessories,chat shops,and many others like normal malls..Well.. anyways back to the point...dawdling around DSF(tats the name of the mall) window shopping at a place called "lush",which did live up to its name exclaim on seeing some baby stuff it suddenly struck me that I could get something for my relatives(I never cared about family or showcased my love as much as I exhibited that among friends..So I bought some fancy stuff for my baby cousin,Johann... He's really cute and has an intolerably precious smile!!! Then I thought..if i buy something for the little one I should get something for the big one,Jeremy.. so I got some fancy Pooh the bear stuff for him..Then..I thought why not get everybody something for christmas..This is the first time I've done this..(I'm proud of you ,Gracy biggrin ) So I got stuff for my family.. They aren't all that lush or plush...but giving is the Christmas spirit and so I believe that me thinking of giving something to people who cared about me was a good start this christmas!! I got a few presents for my friends' birthdays that are nearing.
There was this Orange Shop (a corporate gift shop with 'orange' as the theme-walls,floor,wrappers n all) which was really good for getting corporate gifts and stuff... I purchased a few diyas there(corn flavoured ones shaped like corn too... )a gift for a really loving friend !! I also got some antique jewelry(2 pairs of ear-rings) from a shop called Sakyaa-juz for gulz...for another movie-freak jewel loving friend of mine... And some keychains ,studs and bracelets for other friends of mine from college..And a friendship band looking alike for sorna and me !!(plus a surprise)I picked up a few hindi dvds for my bro'.(rock on -one among them)Bet everybody's gonna be surprised @ what I'm gonna do!! Anywayz I dunno if I'm reaching out to anyone through this blog....but still... I wanna shout this out.... Giving is the true joy of living ! Thats what Christ jesus has taught us.. and thats what I believe is the true spirit of christmas... So how many u gave now ?? (Titan fast track tag - copied :D)
Wishing you all a very merry season !!biggrin, Gracy !

I was born intelligent !

Question:what is 2 x 2 ?

Elementary school student : 4 (without thinking)

High school student : 4 ..I think

Grad school : (uses the scientific calculator ) maybe 4.000000

Post Grad : Writes a code snippet and tells that it may be around 4

Ph.D scholar : spends 6 months on thesis and finds a new programming language that's fit for solving such problems and then tells that ,the program says 4,but I have doubts even though I have debugged.

MORAL : We are born geniuses,Education ruins us !!

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